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SC for reinstatement of Monica
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No one is above the rules, not even the effective owners and directors of a company. If they mess up, it is essential they apologise and take steps to make ammends as soon and as thorougly as possible.

In the meantime, lessons learnt:

  1. Do NOT ever give out your real name.

  2. If you want to avoid being singled out and attacked, enforce on yourself that damning rule 'don't say, don't ask'. If you do not understand how people can choose their own pronouns, even if you do humour them, keep mum on the fact that you don't understand it, as well as on the why and how. Failure to understand other human beings is, on certain topics, motive enough to be branded as bigot and become deserving of bullying.

The quintessential quote for a bookaholic:

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Cicero

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