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Regional usage of "guitarra" and "violão"

I have a Brazilian friend who plays the “violão.” Tried to entice him to come here and leave and answer, but to no use. So I’ll do my best with what he told me and my own research. In theory ...
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Regional usage of "guitarra" and "violão"

A Brazilian here. I can't answer you about how it works in Portugal, but I can assure you that you can call an acoustic guitar as violão. As for guitarra, anyone here will think it is an electric ...
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O que significa a expressão "a bruxa que é cega esbarra na gente e a vida estanca"?

Sugiro: O infortúnio, que é imprevisível, nos atinge [a todos], e morremos. A parte "a vida estanca" é clara: a vida cessa, "deixa de fluir", ou seja: "a gente morre". ...
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