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"Vossa majestade" ou "Vossa senhoria" concordam em gênero com o interlocutor?

Estou a me dirigir à rainha: "Vossa majestade gostaria de ser acordada mais cedo?" Dirijo-me então ao rei: "Vossa majestade gostaria de ser acordado/a mais cedo? Tenho uma audiência marcada com D. ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Connotation of gender of pet names/diminutives in Portuguese

Just as a preface, I understand this is a quite subjective question, but the subjective parts of language are the parts that it is most difficult for a non native speaker to understand... As a ...
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Can "obrigado" be used by women?

When first learning Portuguese we (all?) learn that obrigado is for men and obrigada for women. But then I often hear women say obrigado, too! (And I've made sure I didn't mishear.) What's going on ...
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