What is the meaning of this sentence?

Vai dar merda se você ficar falando merda

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"Dar", just like "to give", has many meanings, especially when part of expressions. Some of these meanings are (Aulete 13., 28.; 21, Priberam 9., 11., 22.):

to cause, to generate, to result in, to provoke, to produce, to originate, to bear

So, "dar merda" means something like "to get screwed up", "to end up in shit" or, in less coarse language, "to end up badly", "to not end up well".

As for "falar merda", it can be rather literally translated as "to talk shit" or "to bullshit", or also "to talk nonsense".

This way, "Vai dar merda se você ficar falando merda" could be translated as "It's gonna end up in shit if you keep talking shit" or, one of DeepL many suggestions, "It's gonna get fucked up if you keep talking shit" or, if you don't want to risk offending anyone and don't mind losing the original tone, "It'll end up badly if you keep talking nonsense".


Something like: "If you talk bullshit, you'll get bullshit." Don't say what you shouldn't, if you do it you'll probably have problems. Like as: don't talk about your boss without looking back. Do you get it?


Vai dar merda é uma expressão muito popular na língua portuguesa, significa que vai ter problemas, a situação vai ficar complicada. Vai dar é outra expressão, é algo que vai acontecer, ou ato sexual referindo-,se ao gênero feminino.

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