What diacritic can be used in the following letters? (e.g. ai: ái, âi, aí, etc.)

ae: ???
ai: ???
an: ???
ao, au: ???
ei, ey: ???
en, em: ???
eo: ???
ia, ya: ???
ie, ye: ???
in, im: ???
io: ???
ion: ???
iu: ???
ou: ???
oa: ???
oe: ???
oi: ???
on, om: ???
ua: ???
uai: ???
ue: ???
ui: ???
un, um: ???

  • You mean how each "word" should be in Portuguese Orthography? – Schilive Mar 11 at 0:40
  • @Schilive What I asked is what diacritic can be used in "???". (e.g. ai: ái, âi, aí, etc.) – Niconii Mar 11 at 0:44
  • Niconii, for example, "ãi" and "ûa" ain't used, but you can write them. Would "ãi" or "ûa" be included in your list? Thanks for answering. – Schilive Mar 11 at 0:56
  • @Schilive Only actually used combinations are allowed. "ãi" or "ûa" etc. is not. – Niconii Mar 11 at 0:58
  • 2
    Wikipedia has a thorough section on that, in the article about Portuguese ortography: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_orthography#Diacritics Is this enough to answer the question you have? – ANeves thinks SE is evil Mar 12 at 9:33

Podem ser usados:

  • Acento agudo;
  • Acento circunflexo;
  • Acento grave, quando há crase;
  • Cedilha;
  • Til;
  • Trema.

Você pode conferir mais sobre o assunto nesse link https://radames.manosso.nom.br/linguagem/gramatica/grafologia/diacriticos-da-ortografia-brasileira/#:~:text=Colocadas%20essas%20raz%C3%B5es%2C%20vamos%20falar,%2C%20cedilha%2C%20til%20e%20trema.

  • O autor pergunta só sobre vogais. Agrada-me imenso estar aí incluida a cedilha, mas foge ao âmbito da pergunta. – ANeves thinks SE is evil Mar 16 at 13:32

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