So I'm working on some app development and using Portuguese as a target language. I have a section of the app that allows the user to change some settings. One of the settings is a timer. Previously I have had it say 'Sem relógio'. But for cutting down on space, I want to just have it say 'Sem'. Is this acceptable in Portuguese and does it make sense to native speakers?

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    – Jorge B.
    Oct 27 '20 at 11:07

This is to make the layout clear:


  • Sem [without]
  • Com [with]



  • Sim
  • Não

Unless the subject matter is on the screen, just using sem makes zero sense. In any case, you are better off with Yes/No.

Even in English, we would not say: Timer

  • With
  • Without

We'd use TIMER, YES or NO, for example.

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