Olá! I'm in the first steps of learning European Portuguese and I am looking for a book that contains all necessary preparation (theory and practice) for the exam of level A1 / A2 in European Portuguese by Instituto-Camões.

  • I didn't know Instituto Camões did exames/certification of Portuguese as a foreign language. (Last time I checked was quite a few years ago, and from what I gathered the exame was seldomly taken and finding organized classes abroad outside the immigrant community wasn't easy.) – bad_coder Feb 12 '20 at 0:34
  • Although your question is surely about Portuguese Language, it's off topic here because there isn't one right answer, but several. – Centaurus Mar 19 at 22:57

I did not find any indication of books, but I will point you three sites:



They also teach European Portuguese:


Hope this helps.


If you want to learn european portuguese you can start with "Português XXI". We used this book at the university (the 1st year).


I also suggest the book " Gramática átiva 1", in which you can find grammar rules and more exercises.


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