How do you get someone’s attention in Brazilian Portuguese, like "Hey! Listen to me!"

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Well, there are so many ways. Here are some:

[any vocative - often combined with some of the options below]:
Você! / Rapaz! / Moça! / Senhor! / Garoto! / ...

Maybe the most common option.

Com licença!

It's a polite form, also check Com licença ou dá licença?.

Por favor!

Perhaps even more polite than "Com licença", but fitting only in situations such as asking for something or a question.



Ô! / Ou! [often followed by a vocative]

Also colloquial.


Even more colloquial than "Ei" and "Ô", it might be considered rude by some.


There are a bunch of different ways to call by attention. The regions from Brazil or if you are in Portugal could be different approaches. I would say:

  • Oi! Presta a atenção aqui!
  • Oi! Presta a atenção em mim!

ou ainda:

  • Ei! Escuta aqui!

Source: context

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