Would you use the term "residência permanente" to refer to the address of stay only or also to a legal permission to be in a foreign country?

For example in Germany the permanent residency address is "dauerhafter Wohnsitz", while the permission to stay is "Niederlassungserlaubnis".

hypothesis: the permission is maybe "visto permanente" or "autorização de estabelecimento", "residência permanente" could be the address I think.

Thank you.


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"endereço de residência permanente" means your home address. If you live in Germany and travel to Brazil but intend to go back home (i.e. there is no immigration involved) it means your address in Germany, even if you are staying here for six months or a year.

A foreigner can enter Brazil under one the following types of visa:

  • Visto Diplomático
  • Visto Oficial
  • Visto de Cortesia
  • Visto de Turista
  • Visto de Trânsito
  • Vistos Temporários
  • Vistos Permanentes
  • Visto de Residência Temporária

If you aren't talking about visa of any kind, we have the following terms in pt-BR:

  • "endereço residencial" - This is current usage when a Brazilian asks another Brazilian his home address. If you come to live in Brazil for a period of time you will be asked your "endereço residencial" meaning the address you are staying while you're here.
  • "endereço de residência permanente" - A Brazilian may be asked that when they are abroad, or at a hotel here in Brazil. Likewise, a foreign tourist may be asked that in Brazil.
  • "endereço do estabelecimento" - That's not about a home, but about a firm address (an office, a commercial unit, a factory, etc)
  • "endereço comercial" or "endereço do trabalho" - here the asker wants to know where your workplace is located.

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