The word "Maçarico" refers to a tool that sets fire, used for many purposes. I did some research and discovered that it also refers to a specific type of bird.

However, when I was listening to the music "Numa Numa" by the band "Onda Choc" (portuguese version of the famous song dragostea din tei), I noticed that in the song the word "Maçarico" is used in another way:

Alô! Olá jóia! Sou eu de novo! O Picasso! Mas não me faças num fanico. Eu não sou um maçarico!

Eu liguei, numa boa, hei! Numa boa, hei! Numa numa boa, hei! Eu cá estou, sem drama aguardarei. O amor vem mas também vai.

See the video here(BTW, very funny video)

What's the meaning of the word "Maçarico" in this context?

  • "Tem carta de condução há 2 meses ainda é maçarico."
    – Jorge B.
    Sep 7, 2015 at 9:27

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A maçarico in that context means a rookie, someone who is new to an activity and has very little experience.

The other meaning, the fire-spitting tool, is a blowtorch.

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